“There’s a septic tank in my neighbourhood that services 40 homes, and it’s located right underneath a baseball field. As a result of regular overflowing, the field was often wet, full of mud, and unusable. The city had budgeted $20,000 for repairs, but we decided to try ODO CONTROL first. It unclogged the tank, kept the baseball field dry, and during the four years that we’ve been using it, we haven’t had to cancel a single game due to bad field conditions.”
– M. Viau, city of Knowlton

ODO CONTROL SEPTIC is a powerful blend of micro-organisms engineered to digest fats, oils, protein and organic matter in the septic tank and drain field. This special blend of micro-organisms quickly and easily improves your septic tank’s efficiency by digesting excess organic matter and unclogging the drain field. While other products use enzymes to liquefy organic waste, ODO CONTROL SEPTIC uses micro-organisms which digest organic waste, permanently breaking the molecular chain and preventing solidification. Regular use will extend the life of your septic system, neutralize odors, and reduce the need for frequent cleaning. And since ODO CONTROL SEPTIC does not contain any harmful chemicals and is 100% biodegradable, it’s completely safe for the environment. What’s more? ODO CONTROL SEPTIC is easy to use. Simply shake, pour 950ml/32oz directly in the toilet and flush every season.

Protect ODO CONTROL SEPTIC from freezing and exposure to direct sunlight. Store safely away from children.

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