“The sleeping quarters in my yacht are directly over the holding tank. Before I started using ODO CONTROL, I had to pump it out well before it was full if I wanted to get a good night’s sleep. Now, my holding tank is odorless no matter how full it gets.”
– Richard Roy

ODO CONTROL RV & YACHT is a powerful blend of essential oils and all-natural products formulated to neutralize odors in the holding tank of RVs and yachts. Micro-organisms efficiently digest foul odors, keeping your holding tank smelling fresh and clean. And since ODO CONTROL RV & YACHT is non-corrosive, contains no formaldehyde, copper sulfate or other dangerous chemicals, and is 100% biodegradable, it’s completely safe for the environment. What’s more? ODO CONTROL RV & YACHT is easy to use. Simply shake, pour 100ml/4oz directly in the toilet and flush after each pump out. Regular use will result in a gradual reduction of the quantity needed during each use, thanks to the cleaning action of micro-organisms on the walls of the holding tank.

Protect ODO CONTROL RV & YACHT from freezing and exposure to direct sunlight. Store safely away from children.

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