“Before I started using ODO CONTROL to clean the cages at my dog kennel business, the animals were often overly aggressive and easily agitated. After using it, not only did the cages smell better, I noticed the dogs were much more calm and relaxed.”
-Lise Lépine

ODO CONTROL PETS is a powerful blend of essential oils and all-natural products formulated to efficiently neutralize odors in your pet’s litter or cage. It uses the cleaning action of essential oils and micro-organisms to enter pores and remove foul odors at the source, and can be used directly on your pet, litter box, or bedding – simply spray it on the surface that smells. And since ODO CONTROL PETS does not use any harmful chemicals and is 100% biodegradable, it’s completely safe for both your pet and the environment. What’s more? ODO CONTROL PETS is easy to use. Simply shake and spray directly on the affected surface until humidified. To neutralize skunk odor on your pet, rub ODO CONTROL PETS into the fur or skin, wait two to three hours, wash, rinse and repeat if necessary.

ODO CONTROL PETS should never be frozen or exposed to direct sunlight. It should be kept away from children and may cause dryness on certain animals.

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